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Chairman Massege

Our Valued Clients:

The birth of CECOS Travels Management was,in fact,a recognition of the Sri Lankan worker of today as a vital asset of the country and in response to the present scenario of the Sri Lankans where jobs are gradually waning and an increasing number of the Sri Lankans are trying their luck abroad. SriLanka overseas migration has become a pair of crutches for the local economy, addressing two main objectives – to ease the unemployment situation and to generate foreign revenues to fuel the faltering economy.

While  this  fact  about  the increasing  demand  for  overseas employment opens  opportunities to  many local recruitment agencies, CECOS Travels Management shall endeavor to introduce unique strategies to post itself on a higher level among others.

Our commitment goes far beyond quality of employment. it shall streamline its operation into a much wider scale with the use of modern  technology and computerized systems for  advancing its marketing  and recruitment base.

It shall seek to  set the  standard for excellence, leadership  and credibility in the  overseas recruitment industry and in all its endeavors by providing services that meet our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, quantity,  timeliness  and  cost effectiveness. CECOS Travels Management shall be  fully  committed in supplying the manpower requirements of its clients with reasonable dispatch,efficiency and integrity.

Your quality assurance is borne by our own highly qualified officials and personnel in modern testing and evaluation methodologies. At the early stage of its inception, it already maintains an active pool of a substantial number  of pre-screened candidates for placement  in a vast range of job categories in our internal manpower  data bank. The nationwide linkage established by its present officers made referrals made easy.

At this juncture, in behalf of the  officers and staff of the agency, Iwould like to offer  our services in addressing the current shortage of manpower  in your  facility  by way of facilitating the recruitment  of qualified personnel truly exacting your requirements.

Again, thank you very much and I look forward to discussing with you in person the details of our Service. you  may  get  in  touch with  us at                     (+94)  112  690051 or  you  may  reach us at  our  E-mail Address Assuring you of our best attention at all times I remain.



Abdul Careem Anver Sathath

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