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 Services to Clients

  • Arranging airport pick up, hotel reservations for interview in Colombo on behalf of delegates
  • Advertising, short listing, evaluating, trade testing and sourcing, searching & headhunting
  • Authentication of documents and documentation procedures
  • Reference from previous employment where necessary
  • Dispatching CVs via electronic mail or as the case may be
  • MEDICAL examinations through accredited medical agencies / clinics
  • Status report of work in progress
  • Travel arrangements of candidates
  • Sight seeing tours for clients at request
  • Conflict resolving during the team of agreement whilst in employment due to various administrative issues.

 Services to Workers

  • Pre Interview candidates and identifying potential to match client specifications
  • Trade tests for verification of skill via accredited testing agencies
  • Administration and visa processing
  • Coordinating with Embassies for visa endorsements
  • Coordinating with Medical agencies for collection of medicals in due time
  • Communicating between client and candidates in case of medical follow up
  • Arranging for seat booking and travel arrangements
  • Attending to all Bureau formalities and payment of insurance monies thereof
  • Pre-Departure Orientation seminars to educate candidates prior to taking up duties
  • Ensuring that candidates have signed agreement and proper orientation of terms ant conditions before acceptance
  • In case of death, bereavement, liaising with families in respect of Bureau / Insurance matters.
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